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The following email address is for local clients ONLY
(clients located in the Phoenix Metro area) wanting to schedule consultations and service appointments.
The Cactus Doctor is often out in the field making house calls, taking care of sick cactus, straightening saguaros, performing saguaro surgeries and removing the white sticky stuff (cochineal eradication) on prickly pear cactus that he regrettably is unable to answer your email questions at this time. Please refer to the information located throughout this website for answers to your questions.


Cactus Pruning and Cactus Salvages

pruning saguaro cactus


It is important to prune your cactus on a regular basis to prevent overgrowth, disease and untimely death. Overcrowded cactus are unsightly and likely to be unhealthy. When your cactus are pruned professionally on a regular basis they experience a healthier lifestyle. Pruning improves the overall health and well being of all cacti; it also stimulates growth.

Proper and regular pruning helps your cacti grow straight instead of horizontally and also helps prevent cross branching and overcrowding. If your cactus is not pruned properly, structural damage can occur resulting in all kinds of imbalances including toppling, leaning, disease and death.

All varieties of cacti need regular pruning including columnar cacti (saguaros, Mexican picket post, totem pole cacti, organ pipe cacti, torch cactus, senitas, Peruvian apple, etc.) Several of these columnar varieties can grow as tall as 25ft which make them difficult for the average person to prune. Actually, there are very few trained professionals who are qualified to prune these large varieties of cacti in a natural way. The Cactus Doctor and his crew specialize in natural pruning of all sizes of cacti including those classified as extremely large.

Need help pruning your cactus give us a call and we'll gladly schedule an appointment for The Cactus Doctor and his crew to pay you a visit. The Cactus Doctor will professionally and naturally trim your cactus so it can return to it's natural healthy beauty. *The Cactus Doctor does not prune and/or remove dead cactus.

Call The Cactus Doctor at - 602-465-0566.

If you would like to view our educational video on pruning cacti click Educational Video - how to remove the white sticky stuff on cactus













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