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The following email address is for local clients ONLY
(clients located in the Phoenix Metro area) wanting to schedule consultations and service appointments.
The Cactus Doctor is often out in the field making house calls, taking care of sick cactus, straightening saguaros, performing saguaro surgeries and removing the white sticky stuff (cochineal eradication) on prickly pear cactus that he regrettably is unable to answer your email questions at this time. Please refer to the information located throughout this website for answers to your questions.


Saguaro Sales

saguaro cacti sales - all sizes spears and full size specimens

We now have available for sale all sizes of saguaros - from 4ft. spears to 25ft. saguaro specimens. Call or email us for inventory on hand. To see our REDUCED priced saguaro inventory click HERE

Currently we have the following saguaros for sale:

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  • Sagaro #1816
    11 Foot Saguaro Spear
  • Sagaro #6007
    11 Foot tall Saguaro with 4 arms starting
  • Sagaro #1800
    12 Foot Saguaro Spear
  • Sagaro #1215
    12 Foot Saguaro Spear with 1 Button
  • Sagaro #1213
    16 Foot Tall Saguaro with 7 Small Arms
  • Sagaro #C5050
    18 Foot Tall Cardone with 4 Arms
  • Sagaro #1442
    18 Foot Tall Sagauro with 2 Arms
  • Sagaro #1214
    18 Foot tall Saguaro 2 Arms 4 Buttons
  • Sagaro #6000
    22 Foot Tall Saguaro with 9 Arms
  • Sagaro #6008
    23 Foot Tall Saguaro with 8 Arms
  • Sagaro #6006
    24 Foot Tall Saguaro with 6 Arms

Keeping Your Cactus Alive & Healthy Is Our Passion!

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