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Agave Snout Weevil

Saguaro Cactus: Agave Snout Weevil

An agave snout weevil is about a half inch long black beetle that is the biggest enemy of many agave varieties. It pierces the agave’s core and then consumes the agave’s heart which will cause it to fall over and die. The beetle will burrow into the soil and hatch their eggs which turns into grub worms and consumes the heart of the cactus. How to detect when it is infected, the base will begin to turn yellow or dark brown at the bottom branches and will begin to droop. Another way to detect infection is to grab the heart and shake it and if its very loose it’s probably infected and no longer savable. It is strongly recommended that all agaves need to be treated whether they are infected or not just to prevent the agave snout weevil from attacking it because once they infest agaves they are extremely difficult to get rid of. Whenever you detect any infections the best thing to do is call The Cactus Doctor. They will do a deep industrial treatment. Most landscapers would say they can do the job but they will probably use a home conventional insecticide that is not very effective. The Cactus Doctor has their own specialized formula to properly treat all agaves and will give you the after treatment care and tips that are needed to provide good health for all agaves. Also, the best time to treat your agaves is every two months during the months of April through October.

Fallen Saguaros

The agave varieties that are commonly attacked by the agave snout weevil are all the agave americana varieties such as the blue agave, the variegated agave and the medio picta also it will attack agave weberis, agave parryis and a few other agave varieties. So it is very important that you hire the The Cactus Doctor to do preventable treatments even if they are not yet infected. The sooner you contact The Cactus Doctor the better chance for your all your agaves to be safe from any attacks from the agave snout weevils.

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