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Cause of Bacterial Necrosis

What Causes Bacterial Necrosis?

If you see a leaning saguaro in your yard and oozing with black goo near the base of your saguaro, chances are it is infected with bacteria necrosis. Bacteria necrosis only attacks saguaro cactus and is usually due to too much water near your saguaro, infected by a metal object, heat stress or frost damage.

One of the first signs of bacteria necrosis is a swarm of gnats that are concentrated around a particular area on your saguaro cactus. Gnats will always be present whenever your saguaro cactus is infected with bacteria necrosis. Another sign will be when you see a browning area that is unlike any other part of the saguaro. Chances are you will probably also be able to see black goo oozing from the saguaro browning. The most prevalent sign of all is that you will be able to smell very strong nauseating odor. This will occur when your saguaro cactus is in its last stages of decay.

Whenever you are sure that your saguaro cactus is infected with bacteria necrosis you should have it treated immediately by a certified specialist who has lots of experience doing saguaro surgeries. If you catch your saguaro cactus in its initial stages of bacteria necrosis there is an 80% chance that it can be saved and continue to live a long healthy life.

Always remember if you or your friends ever need saguaro help with a dying saguaro the Cactus Doctor is always available to ensure your saguaro's health and is always willing to give out valuable saguaro information.

Cause of Bacterial Necrosis

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